How to prevent the British spouse visa was refused?

If your spouse for the British (permanent residence) people, and you are ready to common to settle in Britain, then you need to British spouse visa application, get access to the UK rights. Spouse visa valid for 33 months, before the expiry of the need to re apply for the renewal of the 30 months

Fog: investment companies such as smoke and mirrors, uneven! How the British entrepreneur visa applicant can make the right choice for investment escort?

UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur entrepreneur visa is a relatively popular immigrant visa category in recent years. Entrepreneur visa application is required the principal applicant founded a company in the UK, or find a already have a mature team is running the project, 20 million pounds into this project

U.S. mutual fund Coatue confirmed to participate in the latest round of financing drops

Management (hereinafter referred to as “Coatue”) on Thursday confirmed that the fund is involved in the latest round of China to take a taxi taxi financing.
Coatue fund manager Philip Lafont (Laffont Philippe) in a letter to investors, said, through a joint investment means, Coa

U.S. investment immigration popular analysis of how to choose a good platform

Lead: since the 2015 may the United States EB-5 immigrant investor for Chinese investors began to schedule, the market full all the project recommendation and selling activities, with the U. S. immigration authorities continue to adjust the hearing requirements, apply to emigrate to the difficult

Conditions and requirements for investment immigration in the United Kingdom

Britain is one of the established Western powers, over the years has been at the forefront of the world, its cultural and economic performance is very brisk. In recent years, China has become more and more people to invest in the UK. Humans have different status and economic conditions, therefore

U.S. investment immigration introduction

First, the U.S. investment immigration
1 the most convenient green card channel
U. S. EB5 immigrant investor program is the United States immigration law for the establishment of overseas investment immigrants immigrant visa category, referred to as “EB-5 (employment based fifth